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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Red Faction Guerilla, Xbox360

I'm clearing through the backlog, and as I purchased this one back in November, I felt that it was about time to knuckle down and finish it.

Mixed feelings on this game, with my strongest feeling being that of disappointment. My initial forays with the game were positive, before the creeping boredom set in.

I liked the open world and destruction engine incorporated into the game, but my interest in the campaign really dropped off about halfway through. I found it necessary to take regular breaks because the story underpinning Mason's righteous quest did not hold me sufficiently after the mechanics of bringing down buildings with weaponry and vehicles were mastered.

I held a forlorn hope that the narrative development would make up for the repetitive gameplay.
The story that Volition began to develop (primarily through the cinematics) was largely forgotten as the game progressed until the majority of the missions in EOS had been completed, by which point I was strongly considering bailing. I'm well aware that the Guerilla action side missions presented some variety within the gameplay, but I chose to persevere with the main campaign and hoped to be immersed by a pleasing story of repression and retribution. Instead the loss of Mason's brother and the plight of the Mars populace seemed no more than a ploy to justify the wholesale destruction that followed. In my opinion this game dragged on longer than the game mechanics could support. The combat in the game did not develop sufficiently and the swarming masses of identical EDF soldiers overwhelmed me by their sheer weight of numbers rather than their ingenuity.

As has been touched on elsewhere in this thread the climax of the game is underwhelming...three shots of my Thermobaric rockets and credits rolled. My sense of achievement was minor and I felt hard pressed to remember high points of the campaign, although the god like power I felt using the Walkers almost brings me to recommend this game alone....maybe my journey with this game was to bring me to the realisation that I am a mech fan!

I am aware that Red Faction Armageddon is a more linear experience, so I have some curiosity after losing interest in this open world. However, I am yet to read any positive reviews. Anyone in the forum have any experience with it?

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