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Re: Mount & Blade

I beat now the fourth army of Khergits. The last one consisted of quite a lot of Swadian troops. I was so puzzled by seeing charging Swadian men-at-arms, I missed my first swing. I also captured the first time an enemy general, but released him. Rules of warfare and so on.

The Khergit troops were so far not so difficult to beat. I engaged them in terrain with quite a lot of hills, where their horses were not much of an advantage and their archers didn't have a good line of sight. My heavy infantry consisting of battle-hardened Nords and Vaegirs beat the snot out of them. The worst casualties I had against those Swadian undercover-troops marching under Khergit flag.

The battles are definitely a high point of this game. When the best laid plans stop to matter and complete chaos breaks out. People running all over the place, riderless horses stumbling around... all that while my battleaxe is drinking blood, that is when Mount & Blade really shines.

I still don't think I have enough troops to engage a castle. I guess I'll continue to be the bane of Khergit troops on the Sarranid front until I find a castle ready for storming.
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