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Re: Mount & Blade

I have Jeremus equipped with a crossbow and I have him stand with the archers but even then he manages to get wounded more often than he should. Now I put him in the heaviest armor he can carry. Letīs see if that keeps him safe. But the guy who falls off his horse the most by far, Firensis, is not supposed to be squishy but my best fighter.

Well, I am not friends with the Khergit Khanate anymore. I'm beyond -1 relations with them now. What happened was that I was running my main trade line, when about half a dozen villages I usually stop by, buy stuff from and have a chat were looted. When I ran into the ongoing raiding of another village that was too much: I attacked the Khergit troops. The villagers supported me, resulting in the overall fighting units being roughly even in manpower. As it turns out Khergit horse archers are rubbish when fighting in the confined space of a village and my troops were victorious. I lost 13 people with 37 wounded and 7 farmers died, while the Khanate army got decimated by 57 and with another 40 wounded at an original strength of 118. Looks like we're not friends anymore. But that's ok for me, the Khanate is the only region with which I hardly did any trade.

Meanwhile I opened my seventh brewery. Together with my ironworks they now not only pay the upkeep of my troops, but I even get a little extra.

I tried to get to a siege a couple of times but by the time I show up the siege is usually over
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