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Re: Mount & Blade

You may be a bit disappointed with the siege weapons - basically you hire a companion with high engineering skill (or not) and that skill determines how long you take from starting a siege until the ladders and towers are built. So it just saves you time, but is useful when you see a large army coming to prevent you taking their castle!

I found that a good way to keep your fragile companions out of battle was to equip them with crossbows as their primary weapon. They then proceed slowly towards the enemy, stopping to fire and reload, and get there just in time to mop up after the main force, so gaining experience points. They may even kill someone with the bows.

You know that if Jeremus is knocked out in battle, his surgery skill isn't as effective and you will lose more men? Give him a crossbow.

In order to be able to join fights in Native, I think you need to have a -1 relation with that faction. This isn't enough for them to declare war on you but will allow you to attack them. You can achieve this bythreatening some peasants (you can walk away without killing them).

You can also initiate sieges at -1 relations. Best to pick a castle which has already seen heavy casualties your first time though!

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