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Re: What are you playing right now?

Played about 20 hours of Star Trek: Online, onboard the USS Gunship Diplomat and later USS Problem Child. 20 hours is a bit misleading, since at least 5 of those I spent reading forums and wikis to figure out what the hell is going on. The game does an awful job of explaining itself. There are tons of tooltips and text in the game, but they let me usually back confused. Items are also weird, with a handheld Mk III assault cannon for level 10 doing less damage than Mk I dual pistols at level 5. The ship combat shows how designers struggle what to do with the 3rd dimension and it feels more like 17th century ship combat than space combat. Weirdly all weapons have a maximum range of 10km. 10km? Seriously? A tomahawk missile has a range of 2500km, and supermodern space-phasers and torpedoes suddenly can't go further than 10? The away-team missions control like my starship captain runs in boots full of jelly. So far I didn't have much MM in my ORPG, maybe then the game opens up. What it does well is making me feel like a starship captain in the star trek universe. I was never much of a trekkie, but I do like the feeling of having my own ship and look for trouble in the universe. Too bad itīs held back by so many problems. But hey, itīs free to play and if youīre a fan of star trek you probably already played it and if not you should have a look.

Now started Legends of Grimrock, a fun throwback to Dungeon Master, Lands of Lore and Eye of the Beholder-ish dungeon crawlers. Now down in the fourth level and both combat and puzzles are getting more difficult.
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