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Re: Rate this Review: Mass Effect 3

Is Mass Effect about shooting, or is it more about light scripted adventure action?
What did YOU like about it?
For me, it's a mix of TPS and RPG. The fights are good and exploration is really nice, too. Leveling was well adjusted with difficulty (Like getting more XP while on foot and not in the Mako.), and as I said in the review, small things like Quasar and such.

Crippled: how?
Didn't live up to DA:O: how didn't it live up to it? And why would it need to?
By crippled, I mean the fighting felt dead for me, and so did the atmosphere of some place(Normandy, Citadel Presidium), and since the game was overall, for me, worse than the first Mass Effect, the good feeling didn't stay with you for much time.
Dragon Age Awakening was a great game for me. The only problem I had with it was with the bugs. But everything else was good, the story outmatched Mass Effect 2 for me, combat was upgraded well, which can't be said for ME2, and so on. And as I said, I played the first two Dragon Age games before the Mass Effects, so the comparsion was probably different for me.

You have to substantiate stuff like this. People don't read reviews to nod their heads, they want to hear someone else's ideas-
Excuse me? I wrote down how the combat felt wrong for me, and I even brought up Jedi Knight as an example.

If so, what made combat in ME feel NOT 'dumbed down'?
Biotic powers that affected you, actually challenging gameplay on harder difficulties. Overall I had more fun with that combat system.

Gameplay choices or story choices? Or both?
Story choices, mainly. There wasn't any choice to make in Mass Effect 2 like on Virmire. There were choices to make during the Suicide Mission, but those were based on simple logic. While the 2 choices about the Collector Base were good, it felt way too black and white for me.

Why do you think certain elements were sacrificed for ME2?
Why? Probably to attract the younger audience, but this is just a guess. That question is a bit irrelevant. What matters is it was dumbed down for ME2.

Like what?
Characters, Cinematics, Combat; Things I mentioned later?

You're unclear, here. You say that they're good and bad, and again, complaining about graphics just makes me wonder what kindof machine you're running the game on, because the ingame video I've seen looks like a AAA game.
This series has been loaded with cutscenes from the start. And any final story is going to be loaded with a lot of extra exposition. Question: is it worse than MGS4?
True, there had been cutscenes in the first two games, but there was like the double of that in ME3. Is it worse than MGS4? I haven't played a single Metal Gear Solid game, so can't comment on that. Sorry.

From what you wrote, it sounds like you don't know the difference between a cutscene and a cinematic. Also, animations don't depend on what kind of PC you have, it depends on how they make it. Why would ME1, ME2 and even Bulletstorm's animations work perfectly on my computer if all 4 game is using the same engine?

What is it about the first one that makes it a better engine?
You mean combat engine? I said it already. The combat of the second one reeks of bugs and it's not so challenging on higher difficulty.

But isn't the combat in Mass Effect 1 the basis of the combat in Mass Effect 2?
It is the basis, but upgrading something doesn't always go right, and I feel it really, really didn't go right here.

Also when you start by mentioning 'bugs', you're implying the game is broken. I don't think it's broken, it's just NOT a realistic tactical shooter.
Sounds like you didn't play as much as I did. I can assure you it has it bugs. If you try to go behind a corridor, but your cross-hair is on the enemy, you'll shoot through the wall. That was a game-breaking bug for me, and I tried really hard to avoid it. About realism, it doesn't have to be realistic, because you wouldn't call it Sci-Fi or fantasy then.

It sounds like you liked the combat in the game, but weren't challenged by it. That could be clearer.
No, I can tell when I don't like something or I feel it's easy, and I can confirm that I didn't like the combat of ME2.

THIS is a really good point. It sounds like they want to pad the running time of the game by making you do really boring stuff over and over.
Finally someone understands. I really felt stupid when I was the only one who thought that reaper-chase thing makes no sense, and I think...

, though you should explain why they didn't work in Dragon Age 2.
neither does the fetch quests. Why it didn't work in DA2? "Don't wave that around!" What do you think the guy is talking about? No one would guess, it's a corpse! They recorded random lines for the fetch quests and played those at each one, and the result were waving with corpses and such.

Also I'd mention that collecting heroes or assets has been a running theme throughout the series, hasn't it?
Well, maybe the second one, but not the first one. The first one was more like stopping the impending doom with the few things you have. I admit, the second game was really about collecting an army.

Bioware has some of the better characterization in American RPGS right now. Why did you have doubts?
After the disappointment DA2 was for me, I prepared for the worse. The characters in DA2 were atrocius, and only did they make bad new ones, they ruined the existing ones, too. Ever since DA2, I don't believe any hype about Bioware. Nevertheless, I'm happy I was wrong.

I think the biggest controversy is ME3 is the fan reaction to the ending. I think the removal of same-sex relationships in ME2 after having them in ME1 was a controversy. I think putting them back was meant more as an apology.
I didn't really think about that. You make an excellent pont here.

I get that you're talking about freedom, but what do you want the freedom to do more of? Have more sex drama on the Normandy?
Hehe, not exactly that, but if you played Dragon Age, you know what I'm talking about, and if you played the Witcher...

How does taking a middle path that's neither confrontational or compassionate serve a story about conflict and war?
Well, I'll pick an example for this. There was a part in KOTOR2 where you can decide you won't take part in that argument, and all of them reply "Apathy is death.", after which they all attack you. Sure, it's not the brightest example, but it's an example.

Comparing the graphics in the demo to the finished game is unnecessary.
I know, but it looked like would be a severe problem, and I'm glad they corrected those.

As Yoda would say, DO or DO NOT. There is no 'try'.
Great quote from a great movie, I must say. I'll try to avoid these in the future.

Did you REALLY expect the ending to be that different?
Not really, but that doesn't diminish the fact that they lied, and it's not just a tiny lie.

Why does the series need closure? Do you not feel that ME as a series has had a 'feeling of impending doom' from it's start? How would you have resolved the story?
Well, I think that a last game/movie/book or whatever in a trilogy should give closure. The game should at least explain what happened to the others, or why are the gaping plotholes plausible. They are releasing a new DLC, and free, which I didn't expect, so I'll take back what I said about the ending part if the DLC gives closure and doesn't make things worse.

Alot of people I've talked to reported 'feeling drained' by the ending. Did you stop caring about the characters? What happened? Did not having enough choice make it feel empty at the end? It wouldn't be the first time that's happened, as you mentioned.
I didn't stop caring about the characters, I stopped caring about the games until the ending was fixed. It's not the lack of choice that made it that bad in the end. A pink ending wouldn't make it better. It's the nature of the ending; How it uses Deus ex machinima in the last few minutes, how it doesn't make sense, and plotholes, and so on. There's just way too much problem with the current ending that makes it impossible for me to care about anything Mass Effect related.

Remember we are reading your review to understand how you felt about this game, and shouldn't have to play other games to make sense of these comments.
I think I explained those this time, and what I didn't can be easily googled (Planescape, for example.) About the probing, there is a probing part of ME2, but it's different from the one in ME3.
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