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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by frogofdeath View Post
What system did you pick up Goldeneye on?

I bought into the nostalgia hype when the game first came out for the Wii. Absolutely loved this game. Even though I bought it early on, was honestly expecting the game to be crap. Turned out to be a very solid experience - especially when using the wii-mote.

As for faithful to the original, not too much. There is the same basic storyline and a few similar levels, but that's about it. The only thing I can't comment on is the multi-player, as I have still yet to play local or online! Maybe one day...
Xbox 360, although I understand it's the same game as the Wii version, with prettier graphics and a new Spec Ops mission mode thing. I bought it primarily for the multi-player, which I have fond memories of playing over a friend's house, but we haven't had a chance to play it yet. Can't wait to get into it!

James Bond has such great potential for videogames, and yet there are very few quality ones. Hopefully Goldeneye 007 will be a kick up the arse for future games starring him.
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