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Re: The Perspective Corner: Mass Effect 3 and Episode V

Strange, I remember I was 6 years old when I watched the first three Star Wars and when the first one finished, I wanted to watch that again, even when Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi were going. Eventually, as I became older, RotJ became my favorite one, because I liked how the whole film played out, well, with the Ewok battle as exception, that felt really unrealistic. I liked the space battle, the duel and how the film built up to it, how the manipulative Emperor forced Luke into attacking him, and what happened after the duel. I also really liked the first Star Wars, and then came Empire Strikes Back. I found it a bit boring as a child, but I began to appreciate that one too, when I was becoming older. Still, it's my least favorite from the 3 films, despite that, I like it a lot now, so I can't share what you feel.

Back to Mass Effect. This is what I think, and I know I'm not the only one; It's not a happy ending people want, but an ending that makes sense. The only reason why I'm afraid from an ending DLC is because it could give EA/BioWare another reason to muster more money from us. I know this sounds way much like a conspiracy, but what if they up that ending on purpose, to milk more money from the customer? Remember how much controversy did the Day 1 DLC made? Imagine how much could an ending DLC make with a 10$ tag on it. The last few years proved that BioWare isn't really in control with itself. It's being pushed by EA way too much, and BioWare is not an angel itself, not to mention EA. But if they would make a free ending DLC (Which I highly doubt.), I think they could hardly mess up the current ending more, IF time is given to the DLC.

Then again, there are 2 groups here, and both have right points. Remember when the Witcher 2 came out and people said the ending was disappointing? It had 16 ending. True, a lot of them didn't differ from each other. But then again, neither do the variations of the 3 endings Mass Effect 3 has. CD Projekt also makes a "DLC" kinda. They took their time with it, however, and I fear if they don't take their time with an ending DLC, it might suck even more than the current one.
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