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Re: Rate this Review: Mass Effect 3

One of the guys at Loading Ready Run recently said of the ending that it was on the level of the ending of the film Sunshine in that it was emotionally draining, and that it just reached this point where you wanted everything that was going wrong to just work out alright, you just wanted everything to end ok.

I haven't played this game yet, but am sorely tempted from the sheer amount of hostile animus I'm seeing directed at the last 10 minutes of a 30-something hour game. As a fan of science fiction, I welcome convention defiance as part of the genre, so a 'down-ending' doesn't seem so crazy to me. I thought the whole ME series had a tragic feel to it from the get-go. Am I alone in that?

Anyway- regarding the review- not as verbose as Li-Ion, but I agree with his main points. In that, criticizing the behavior of the game on your system without at least providing some technical specs is not a compelling fault. Even if it was, it doesn't inform me about gameplay very much, which imo is what the bulk of the review should be about.

I don't really agree with the criticism of not having middle choices either. The qualifying remark about not being a homophobe shouldn't be necessary. I wasn't aware ME3 had a compulsory gay character arc, does it? (Actually I'd applaud that lol)

Anyway--- the idea with polarized dialogue is that you get perks AND disadvantages for going a certain way... if you follow being a paragon it gets you a plus HERE and a minus THERE, and being a Renegade gets you a plus THERE and a minus HERE... then it follows having a middle option would be a zero sum, no perk or disadvantage, so why bother.

It's an adventure story; take the high road or the low, but who wants a middle of the road character? I get the complaint, I just don't think it works in a meaningful way in these games. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying you could argue it better- maybe tie it to your point about the ending-

Apparently Bioware has made a tentaive statement about making some changes for a re-release, so something IS going on in the company with regard to this problem of the ending.

I would like to see you write a review in which you imagine the game HAD the ending you wanted. Review the game IN THAT spirit, then conclude with how the ending disappointed, and see if there's a way to either a) Understand why they did it or b) Talk about how they could fix it.

And those are random suggestions, not gospel.

And thanks for the submission! This place is tough, but it will keep you honest, if you stick with it!

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