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Re: Rate this Review: Mass Effect 3

Note that this is my first time writing a review like this (I've only made some at metacritic myself) and it's much harder when you're at it, like you forget a lot of things and so on.

why did you play ME3 in the first place?
Well, I really liked the first Mass Effect but Mass Effect 2 was a typical good, but not great game (8/10), so I thought I'll give a chance for ME3.
This sentence makes you sound to me like an elitist who shakes his head when he thinks about such 'peasants' like me who prefer playing games on normal difficulty.
No. I simply like challenges, and when I play on the hardest difficulty, I want that game to challenge me. If you try the first Mass Effect on the hardest difficulty, it's damn hard, and depending on the circumstances, so is ME2. I had a lot of challenge with ME2, but there were barely times in ME3 when it was actually challenging.
Can you elaborate that? I have honestly no idea what you mean.
What I mean by that is when the Reapers interrupt and attack. It's next to pointless, because if you die, you'll start within the same system, and if you're not an idiot with -3 IQ, you'll memorize the places, and the auto-save was not the only problem with this.
I played both ME3 and DA2 and in neither game I felt some sexual preference would have been forced on me.
Remember when you finish one of the Chantry quest and you speak with Anders? There's basically 2 heart and a broken heart conversation option with a male Hawke. That sounds very forced to me.
If you're no homophobe then there's no need to say that.
Maybe yes, maybe not. What I thought when I wrote that is that line can be easily misunderstood and can make me look like a psycho. That's the reason for that.
I don't understand how cutscenes reduce replay value.
It's not the cutscenes that reduce that, but the inability to skip them. There was a time when I reloaded a part and I couldn't skip the cutscene, so I basically had a 5 minute break.
That's not how it works. You can't just put a claim like this in a review. Maybe if you're Fox News, but anyone with journalistic integrity wouldn't.
As I said, maybe, and I also said I'd take that back should I be wrong.
This number does not reflect your text.
What I think is that you missed the positive points of my review. If I really wanted to rant about this game, I'd put in the Day 1 DLC, Origin, EA and whatnot in my review and then give it a 2 or 3, but that's not what I did. I actually tried to be fair with the game.
But as I said, this is my first try at this and it's not quite the same as writing on Metacritic. This review was more like testing myself at this, so it's not a wonder that it isn't the best criticism out there.
Nevertheless, thanks for the feedback. Now I know what I have to change in my writing style.
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