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Re: Mass Effect 3 Ending SPOILER Discussion

Originally Posted by Havblue View Post
It's surprising how much of the game fits into place when you take into account how important the whole subject of indoctrination is.
This idea hit me the first time during the mission against Cerberus where some vid-logs reveal just how bad Shepards condition was when project Lazarus started. When it was implied that they have used reaper-tech to bring Shepard back to life was when the alarmbells really rang. Miranda can tell me as long as she wants that there is no control chip in Shepard, the fact remains he was dead and that he's alive again is way beyond what the scientists could have achieved without some reaper blueprints.

I started a Mass Effect 1 campaign now and suddenly I see Saren's betrayal in a new light. A lot of things that are mentioned in ME1 I see now in a different light. Funny how things the Rachni-Queen in part 1 says responds to things I noticed in Shepards Nightmares. They really did plan it out as a trilogy, which is one more reason why I think this ending was not 'just an accident'.

The whole game I was wondering what Ashley's problem was.
Hah, I was quite annoyed about her reaction on Mars. But yes, she probably was right all along: Cerberus cannot be trusted and Shepard was a fool thinking he could use TIM to his advantage.

The paragon decision will be if they release it for free. The renegade decision will be you can beat the Reapers once and for all for only $9.99. And if you thought people were angry already wait for their reaction when they find out they need to pay more for the real ending...
lol I can see how an EA manager is doing a renegade-interrupt when a rogue coworker tries to upload the dlc for free

The 'you can buy dlc now' at the end of the credits was what pretty much confirmed for me right away that there's something still coming. The thought of paying 10$ extra to get the real ending annoys me. I didn't buy the day1 dlc because I don't like how the ME franchise gets milked (respectively the fans) and because the ME2 dlc I bought was rarely worth the money (with exception of Shadow Broker's, which was only slightly overpriced). To get the full ending and closure for the ME storyline I have to dish out for dlc? Then I can safely say ME3 was the last Bioware game I bought at full price. I still love their games, but as a consumer I feel cheated. Imagine you go for the latest movie and after 2 hours the credits roll but you can see the real ending for just 20% extra...
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