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Re: What are you playing right now?

Got me a shiny new PSVita a couple of weeks back, and have played it enough to form an opinion on the games I've got for it.

Everybody's Golf
This is the game that single-handedly got me to buy a Vita. I loved Everybody's Golf on the PS2, and the promise of added online features was too tempting for me to pass up. It plays the same as ever; that is, a solid, responsive, golf sim that, whilst accessible and arcade-y, is also nuanced enough that the more you play, the more you'll get out of it.

I'm a fair way through the challenge mode, and I like how it is structured- each level has four sets of nine holes to play, one 18 hole round, and a vs. against a secret character who, if beaten, will then be availiable for you to buy via the in-game points. Whilst there only seem to be six courses, various rules mix things up and prevent it all from becoming stale.

The online mode is a lot of fun; each day there are three tournaments you can enter which, when completed, will put you on a scoreboard, where you can see how you compare to everyone else around the world who has competed. I'm currently in the top 16% of players, which I'm pretty pleased about, and have had a lot of fun getting there. You also have tournaments where you are playing against human players in real-time. This is fun, but it's a pain having to wait around whilst everyone else finishes their round. Worse still, if everyone has finished a hole, you STILL have to wait until the next round- the time for each round is fixed, so even if everyone is ready to move onto the next hole, you have to wait. It only adds a matter of minutes onto each of these mini-tournments, but still, it's an oversight which prevents me playing directly against others as often as I would.

Overall, a great game. Sounds stupid buying a whole new system for a golf game, but I play this the most, and love it.

Rayman Origins
I bought my Vita online, with a bundle that included the Vita, an 8GB memory card, and one of a number of games. Most of the games didn't really interest me, so I gave Rayman Origins a go after hearing good things on the home console releases.

I haven't really played any of the series since the first game (which I loved), and I guess this plays similarly to that, except maybe not as hardcore difficulty-wise (so far). No multi-player, just a ghost feature where you can post your speed runs through a level online for others to try and beat, which I havent, and won't, bother using. It's a shame there is no multi-player; you have these other characters you can play as (Globox and co.), but without other people being able to play with you, it just feels pointless, and like there is a bit of the game missing.

The gameplay itself is great. It's all bright and cheerful, it looks great, the soundtrack fits perfectly... It is, from what I've heard, the same game released for the main consoles. There are added touch screen controls, and whilst these are optional, you need to use them if collecting everything in a stage is important to you. Which, if you're playing a platforming game like this, probably will be. For example, every time you punch an enemy, instead of dying, they swell up into a balloon and slowly start rising to the top of the screen, before disappearing . You can pop them by getting Rayman to touch them, or you can use the touch screen, all for a single lum. The latter is the easier option the majority of the time, but it's a pain to have to do. Feels tacked on, but if you wanna reach the target for the number of lums collected, you have to get used to it.

Great game otherwise though; I'm having a lot of fun going back to levels and doing the time trials/ item collecting, there's a lot of replayabililty here.

Motorstorm RC
Saw this on the playstation store, and thought, "What the hell, I'll give it a try". It's less than 5, so even if it's not my sort of thing, I figured I've just got a new game for ultra-cheap. Well, the first thing I discovered is that whilst you get most of the game, some of the cars have to be bought. If I had known this, I wouldn't have bought the game, as I'm rabidly opposed to DLC. My fault, should have done my homework.

Putting aside my misgivings regarding this, it's quite a good game. Like the old Micro Machines games. You see the course from above, and you use the Vita's analogue sticks to control your little RC car like you would in real life. It's shallow fun, but I've enjoyed my time with it so far. A few different game modes (race, time trial, one where you drift to score points, and one where you have to overtake a given number of cars as quickly as you can), but I can't play it for more than twenty minutes 'cos it does get a bit boring. Good game, ideal for dipping into occasionally.

So there you go. It is the games that make a console, and so far, I don't regret adopting the Vita one bit. I look forward to seeing some new releases during the next few months.

Bit of a rushed write-up, but I hope it helps anyone thinking about getting the Vita
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