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Re: Why I hate Mass Effect 3's Ending


I just played through ME3 and I don't find the ending an abomination. What I do find annoying is that it doesn't really seem to matter all that much that I had galactic readiness of 96% and the entire fleet of the galaxy. I don't know what happens if the green bar is not full, but my guess is it always boils down to those 3 endings.

However: the Deus Ex Machina - it's not really a Deus Ex Machina, to be truthful. The Citadel has been around for a while after all. It's not that some god came from the skies and suddenly set things right. I was honestly not surprised by the fact that the citadel was part of the weapon design.

The ghost boy is weird and what he babbles as well. However, judging in what condition Shepard was when he/she beamed up I would actually say he/she was just hallucinating. Same as in his/her nightmares about the boy and in the end himself/herself burning.

p.s. I moved your second thread also in here, no reason to have 2 different threads for the same topic
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