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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Got my PC back from repair last week, which means I can play PC games again, but unfortunately it no longer lets me access Something to do with the MAC/DNS settings in my router apparently, which I have no hope of sorting out.

So no more Gamecritics, not much anyway.


Uncharted 3 - didn't like it at all at first, but it grew on me. They need to change it up for the next episode, it's essentially the same game over and over.

Dear Esther
Eh, it was ok if you can appreciate an introspective experience with your video games. I think the random narrative left a lot of holes, and while it was decent, it could have been better. Also didn't like that you couldn't walk back the way you came, and that some mechanics - jumping into the deep pools meant that the narrator could never have gone backwards, so who lit the candles etc - meant that immersion was broken over silly things that they could have implemented easily. Good overall, glad I played it.

Binary Domain
Preposterous plot, but excellent fun. Shooting the robots never go old and at about 9-10 hours was just the right length for me. Voice commands were useless for me personally, but I don't think they made any difference, at least on Normal difficulty. Highly recommended.

Alice: Madness Returns
Technically I'm still playing this but I may have had enough. Really enjoyable platforming, for a while. However it is far far far far far too long. Far too long. Agh!
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