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Re: Mass Effect 3

I am playing Mass Effect 3 since Saturday and so far I think it's excellent! You mileage might vary and I could see how newcomers to the series could be overwhelmed at first by all the new faces and places to discover. But if you start playing a trilogy of games with the 3rd game of the series it's clearly your own fault. Get back to Mass Effect 1 or at least 2 and get kicking Reapers in their robotic shins!

What I really like is how things I've done (or not done) reflect in the Mass Effect universe of part 3. This was one of my main complaints in part 2 and I think they pretty much nailed it this time. I saw plenty of familiar faces and some familiar places (Citadel is of course a constant in the galaxy saving business). Considering how many squadmates could have died at the end of ME2, I wonder how the story would have played out so far if I wouldn't have been able to keep everyone alive.

There are also more choices that are difficult than in Mass Effect 1 or 2. While there were only one or two occasions where I was pondering about the best course of action in previous games, I found myself hesitating more often this time. As morally questionable renegade Troy Shepard I'm still shooting people in the face occasionally, or punch them for pissing me off. The whole reputation system with paragon and renegade got an overhaul for the better. Paragon and renegade choices add up to a common reputation-bar instead of being to separate entities. Currently I'm about half Jack Bauer and half boyscout, with slight leaning to the boyscout due to some recent decisions. It's good to live in the grey area and not being punished for not being 100% saint or 100% asshole.
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