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Re: What are you playing right now?

Dark Souls (in a few days) (Xbox 360)

I am waiting for Dark Souls to arriven in mail. I am very excited to see what the fuss is about as I haven't ever seen anyone play it; however after hearing those horror stories about how people did something wrong which forced them to restart (curse, cant get out of an area) I am slightly worried.

League of Legends (PC)

I was an avid fan of Warcraft III and all it's custom maps from tower defense to dota. League of Legends is a fun little game based on Dota; you choose your champion and then battle 5vs5 or 3vs3 in the arena. Has some strategy to it, so not it's not completely mindless either. But the community is absolutely horrible.

Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Trying to replay ME2 as I lost my save file. After that, I will play ME3. The only problem is, ME2 is slightly... tedious, and playing it just for the sake of the savefile is not fun. So that's on halt right now.
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