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Re: What are you playing right now?

Stopped playing the old Republic (might write more about that in the respective thread) and yesterday my copy of Binary Domain arrived!

So far I'm loving it! I'm only 2 hours in, thus it can all go wrong still. I like the atmosphere (despite some crude racial stereotypes on display) and killing robots hasn't been as satisfying since Vanquish. The voice commands don't work all the time. My AI partners often hear "damn" or "sorry" when I actually said something entirely different. That confuses the hell out of them it seems. They must think I have Tourette syndrom or something similar. Apart from my main characters mental disorder I'm currently having a blast. When the voice commands work as intended they really add something to the game. I think that's the future for squad based or tactics oriented shooters. Kinect is supposed to have voice recognizion and all that stuff, why don't we see 20 or so Clancy games utilizing this technology, when Binary Domain manages this with a 15 headset already?
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