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Re: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy G

Okay when I first started the game I got my ass handed to left to right to the point where I had around 100wins and over 600 loses. The next part is pretty much useless, but I'll say it anyway. Started doing naruto rp's, and different groups and combo's gave me idea's. One was using wood release, sharingan user, and rinnegan in an rp so I went back to the back. I have proven that against all characters Yamato as main, Itachi, and Pein as back up work just fine. Just that with certain characters not so well. This is a basic tactic to use your supports to cover your weaknesses because Pein can even push back team ultimate. Now against Sage Naruto I usually don't do this but I prefer Sasuke with Amateratsu, and Sage Naruto as backup. Get someone in their team special and the whole health bar is gone leaving them with one left.

Minato I'd usually use Tsunade and Minato as back up or anyone who was quick with support. Sai usually against Sasuke I found was pretty good. As for Itachi I'd used Yamato or Pein. I've also found that even if you're in the ultimate team jutsu you can still get caught by Sasuke's Amateratsu.
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