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Re: So, who is going to go Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Still playing, but seeing as Mass Effect 3 and Binary Domain are coming up and having a pile of 'still-to-play' games, I will at least make a pause as soon as my first month of playtime has passed.

It does quite a lot things right, but also many things wrong. It is too busy playing safe to try anything truly innovative. Yes, it has it's innovations and some might not be fully formed yet but give them some more time to implement them and it will be quite nice.

But it's still more of the same at it's core. Quality of the quests... sorry: missions, is fluctuating. Some are excellent and engaging. But many are just filler, where you hear the same guy voicing yet another npc on a different world yet another fetch-quest. Alderaan was especially boring, albeit not as tedious as Taris with it's Rakghoul-epidemic.

I like SWTOR and I give it a thumbs up, but I also know that it's not a game that can truly hook me. I am burned by WoW, which I still consider the game equivalent of my ex-girlfriend. I try not to, but I always compare SWTOR with WoW. All the quirks I tolerated in WoW, I find terribly annoying in SWTOR, mainly because they remind me of all the good (and bad) moments spent with WoW. I think I simply need to continue to play games which are entirely different than WoW. Maybe I should go out drinking and have a rough night with Dark Souls?
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