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Re: So, who is going to go Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Stopped playing two weeks ago.

SWTOR is a great game. It is an allround high quality polished classic MMO in the Everquest/WoW model.

But I'm already hyped up about the next big thing which seems to take the MMO genre finally a massive step into the future Guild Wars 2.

I can't help it but after playing for about 2 months I really that while SWTOR has a beautiful gameworld some awesome innovations, once the shine wears of gameplay wise this game is more of the same.

Reading about GW2 however, that seems to be a whole different beast. The dynamic quest system in that game, the exploration driven gameplay, and the promise of massive 3 faction strategic battles in WvWvW PVP gameplay makes me believe. GW2 is not more of the same with some innovations, but a revolution that questions everything and will change the MMO genre forever.
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