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Re: So, who is going to go Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I've been playing since beginning of February and am now lvl 29 with my Twi'lek Jedi Knight/Sentinel. I play mostly with a friend of mine who has a Jedi Shadow. It's a lot of fun and the Jedi Knight has hands down the best companions so far. Teeseven is obviously a R2-D2-esque droid who is very excited to be around and the best companion ever. But also my padawan Kira is growing on me. Having a fully voiced storyline really makes a difference and I can see myself playing through at least 2 more storylines of other character classes.

One of my favorite parts are (surprisingly) the rail-shooter space battles. They are a nice break of the usual mmo stuff and a throwback to the Rebel Assault-series. Yesterday I unlocked new battles, looking forward to them!

My only disappointment is that the flashpoints after the first (Esseless, which is great and reason alone to play this game) are not up to the standard set by the first. I really hope that future updates will provide flashpoints that are as exciting as Esseless. Also, the planet Taris (the 3rd one I visited) is boring as hell. Luckily the following (Nar Shaddar - or as I call it: Blade Runner Town) is much better again. Taris had me a bit worried that the game runs out of steam after the opening levels.

PvP is also pretty fun, especially huttball, which is a variety of american football for murderous sociopaths.
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