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Mass Effect 3

The demo was released yesterday. What were your impressions.

For me, it didn't really sell me on the game. I felt like the story was the same alien invasion tale I heard a thousand time. The rip-off of Schindler's List with the little boy was kind of cliche. The gameplay hadn't moved past walk down this hall, kneel behind a 3 foot walls, shoot everything in sight, repeat.

Shepard is kind of a douche too. His 'tude really gets on my nerves. What happened to noble heroes? Game characters always have to act like they have a pole up their butt.

Mass Effect is a hard game to have a demo for since it is difficult to pack a RPG experience in a short demo. I'll probably still buy it, but I am sure that it is going to get a lot more praise than it deserves.

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