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Re: Last movie impressions

Forbidden Kingdom
Nothing special but i like all those movies with the small kid becoming something like Bruce Lee.
And Li was funny as the monkey king.

Ashes of Time Redux
If Lynch made a Kung Fu movie it might be like that. Very interesting work with genre atypical calmness only interrupted with brief fighting sequences.

Sort of like an emo version of It's a Wonderful Life.

Monster vs. Aliens
The figure design was incredibly funny, the plot rather conventional, in sum good fun.

Especially interesting when having seen the Fisher documentary some weeks ago. Here chess saves an imprisoned mans sanity after he is "tortured" by not getting any food for his brain, nothing to do and being able to steel one day a book, a chess book.

Iron Man
Great popcorn movie.

Max Schmelling
Another much loved Uwe Boll movie.
But it's not that bad imo. Especially since Henry Maske was a champion himself, so the boxing scenes were no bullshit like in the Rocky-movies and i think it tried to tell the facts accurately, which is usually good.
But Maske is also a rather stiff person in reality, so he as an actor is probably no good choice, although i have no idea if Schmelling possibly was as portrayed.
Interesting biopic of a German sportsman in the Nazi era.

Wedding Date
Average kitschy romantic movie.

Like MvA, funny figures. The hamster was the star of the movie. Plot a little better but of course no real intellectual masterpiece since it's for kids.

Oh my. I remembered it being quite horrifying when watching it for the first time some decades ago. Now it's sort of funny. Lousy dialogs, lousy effects, sound and visual, just a lousy B-movie.
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