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Re: Do you prefer High-Def (HD) remakes or the originals?

Originally Posted by Dale Weir View Post
Eye strain? You're kidding right?

Didn't we all play games in standard definition before HD was a thing? Where were the complaints of eyestrain then?

SD games on a HD set typically look blurry. SD games on an SD set are not blurry.

I am all for the up-res collections. I have Prince of Persia, Sly Cooper, God of War, and Metal Gear Solid.

Most of those I bought on sale racks, so it even sweetened the deal (PoP $9.99). Metal Gear was a no-brainer too since I never played Peace Walker. The price of the collection was the same as PW when it first came out. Now I can play it with duel-analog sticks on my big screen and I get 2 other games.

If there is demand for it, the publishers will make it. If someone thinks it is a rip-off, no one is forcing them to buy it.

I plan on getting the Ico and Jak & Daxter collection when I can get them at a good price.

As far as complete remakes, it depends on the remake. Some are better than the originals, some are not. I am playing Lunar now on the PSP and from what I can tell this is the best version.

I played the remake of Final Fantasy IV on the DS. It was good, but I still like it in 2D. The PSP version seems really good. It is in 2D with crisper graphics.

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