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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Burn the Rope
Actually not done with the entirety of it since it is sort of a freemium game. But the "demo" portion was already quite extensive, half the game and i can still play a new level each day.
Tap a rope to start a fire and then turn the phone to "steer" it upwards. By adding color coded fire and its corresponding ropes, spiders (creating a rope when dying) and bugs (which create a lightning when burned) to bridge your fire to somewhere else, it has not only a very simple concept and controls but it gets quite complex in the later levels, where you have to chain various colors and "jump" between rope combinations.
If their wouldn't be enough other free stuff to check out i guess i would buy "flames", the in game currency, to unlock it fully.

I loved RUSH and i liked the demo of Edge, but i bought it primarily because of the first pro argument expecting it to be similarly good, ending up being disappointed after the first levels.
After readjusting my expectations it got better but never real good.
The whole edging mechanic, hanging on some (moving) edge, and how the cubes have to be controlled albeit feeling pretty natural/realistic never felt really fun, more of a annoyance in maneuvering smoothly.
Although being disappointed i think it is worth the money.

One note since i played it also on my recently acquired notebook:
One certain trick is impossible with it. The intel driver, game itself, integrated gpu power, keyboard... something is just not working fast enough.
Should not happen with a game that looks like it ought run on a '90s computer.
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