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Copyright Intent fair use due process

I am semi passionate about copy right and its ability to stagnate freedom of expression. I keep musing on who to balance the system as so neither side of the copy right anarchy/everything free/IP owner controlled absolutism argument.

Newest thoughts/iedas
Copyright Intent fair use due process

Boil it down this should make copy right better.

Intent makes it clear if a copy right item is being shared in any iteration IE links, part files, whole files, indexes anything leading to eventual whole copy right item data for any monetary gain. If its not trying to create monetary gain for the poster or site owner(s) then it can do no harm.

Fair use with extended clip definitions means to try pre court to parse out what can be done with copy righted items, this is second too intent if it passes intent then it goes no further , however if it falls intent then it moves to fair use if fails the fair use status qoe it moves to due process.

Due process seeks to make it clear if it really fails intent then fair use in that order.

Addendum: Revenue sharing is when a site shares 40% of its profit to the IP owner or their representative as compensation for the right for its to exist digitally.

Addendum:Personal licenses are owned by the buyer/consumer until its passed on to another consumer.

Addendum: Bypassing copy protection is a consumer right(up until the sever the purchased data is on).

Addendum:POSSIBLE Resell of physical licenses is limited up to 10K. this is a work in progress.

Addendum: Quality would probably be based on the 40-60% of the lowest frequently sold item the IP owner has for sale.

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