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Re: Li-Ion goes to TOTAL WAR! Shogun 2

I noticed that the AI simply sends too many archers for a siege. There are just not enough melee units to cover all the archers, thus there are always some groups of archers you can pick apart with cavalry. There is even stranger AI behavior during battle however: at one siege I could kite a total of 5 units away from where they wanted to attack and brought them around to a neat field of fire of my archers. All it needed was a general (who is a cavalry unit). Apparently the AI can't resist sending slow moving infantry after the lonely command unit on horseback for the chance that he might stop and they could catch up. A human player would quickly realize that infantry could never catch up. Apparently the AI sees that a bit different.

On the campaign map the AI seems to operate quite good. At least I didn't notice big blunders apart from sending too many archers. It's the real time battles where the AI has problems with odd human behavior.

I play on normal difficulty, which I generally assume is the difficulty these games are supposed to be played at.

Regarding doing well: after the initial struggle I managed to get things going in the mid-game. Now I am at the end-game and things turn to the worst. For my next posting I'll place a spoiler-tag for what exactly happens in the endgame in case you want to have a similar "wtf?"-feeling as I got. Let's put it that way: I was not prepared for this.
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