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Re: Li-Ion goes to TOTAL WAR! Shogun 2

Thanks for your impressions. I love reading stuff like this. Let us know how your campaign goes.

I think I was too much of a perfectionist way back when I tried the original Shogun. The lack of complete control over my armies drove me crazy. I couldn't stand when I was unable to make my troops do exactly what I wanted or, worse still, when they started to outright disobey my orders. I remember replaying battles over and over until I was able to flank perfectly and absolutely slaughter the enemy. I never did finish an entire campaign.

I think I'd enjoy the series much more now. I realized sometime in the last decade that games are often much more interesting when things are going wrong. That's where all the best stories come from. Like your struggles against the Chuck Norris monk. Great stuff.

I doubt I'll get around to playing the game any time soon, if ever. I know how much time games like this can take up. But thanks to you the series is back on my radar.
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