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Re: Why Morality Is Evil (or Good) In Gaming

What we have seen from game to game are luzly weak attempts to define your character with either the "good" or "bad"

IMO the morality bar can be done in either 2 different ways. One it sets up how bad the world becomes if you play as a good guy the world is brighter and the more neutral NPCs try and act good you walk the dark path and things become more bleak and desolate. Bad is still bad good is still roughly good but you are treated as how you treat the people in the game world.

The other way to do it is deeper and more of a pain to do. You find the 2 purest paths a good or bad character can take(this means in games like fallout using bandits for trade and quests, sure you might have to break a few heads but its better than having an evil character freely roam in town) and then make it so that the bad character can not be seen in good moral zones and vice versa without a fight breaking out.

You then take that idea and add in shades of gray so you have Goody two shoes, good, bad ass but ok, bad ass but hole, mean asshole and baby eater levels on the bar which the world changes its tune to as you progress throughout the game.

Now ontop of that morality should done based on the town you are in then the region around it then the world at large with the idea what the "world" thinks of you changes how the game is played(IE more good guys out to kill you less bad guys out if you play as a bad guy) and also it lightly taints what the next region thinks of you. This way if you start off a complete ass and then change the world slowly excepts that change.

The moral tree we have been given splits into good,bad,dumb and asshole and dose not really branch well with each other its to watered down and generic.
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