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Re: Rate my review: Stronghold: Crusader

Hi f3ature, welcome to the forum.

I read this with interest, as I recently bought the original Stronghold and Stronghold: Crusader in a sale, and am yet to play Crusader. Unfortunately, this review feels more like an overly-long description that you'd find on the back of the games box, rather than a real review. Don't just list a series of the features the game has. Properly describe each one, and differentiate the difference in game modes. Don't just list a series of units in the game. Give some examples, and how they do or don't balance the gameplay; no one is going to go through that list and go away thinking they've learnt something about the game. Even the paragraph where you describe the gameplay, you don't do a very good job; for example, why *are* fights "very interesting in this game"? All you do here is give the vague aim of the game, which most people probably could have guessed anyway.

Needs a complete re-write. One star.
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