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Quick Tips!

Contest: save before enntering contests then if you dont place how you would like push home close the software and you can start all over. This works with getting a new animal too! Save before going to the kennel or donating a pet then if you regret buying or donating close saoftware and youll get them back.

Lure: Try using the begginer lure (see ive completed all the lure comps won nintendogs cup already) the dog may try to jump for it but dont let them ! SPEED AHEAD and push the lure so they catch up if that doesnt work try the BANANA LURE see i won with the pro lure by chance! took me like 100 trys!

Oh yea and dont use anything but the beginner disc for the first 2 disc challenges because other ones go farther than the field and end up being misses.

See yah! Oh yea i dont even know yah Tanja but i added yew k add me back my friend codes down there v!
Love M.(Mickeykinz)
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