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Re: Last movie impressions

Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Ok, for an evening of unambitious entertainment.

King Leopold's Ghost
Depressing and disturbing movie about a part of history hardly less brutal and inhuman than what happened in Nazi-Germany.
It's about Congos history from 19th century to today.
Instead of allowing an actually rich country to prosper entire Congo was first "enslaved" by Leopold.
After Leopolds terror (owning the entire country in private!), some decades of Belgium colonialism and after it finally seems to end, freedom in reach, their first democratically elected leader got replaced by a dictator authorized by Belgium and, of course, also the USA. (Is there any currently fucked up country where they did not take part in an capitalistic driven interference?)

The depiction of what happened under Leopold was unbelievable, but ... the shown speech of Bush (senior) thanking Mobutu for being a loyal friend is disheartening to a new level. A country terribly underdeveloped, a leader having Billions on his account and then thank him for basically securing this? Pretty much yesterday and not really anymore in past Wild West times?
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