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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

Finished Ace Frehler's No Regrets a while back, but I haven't been on here in a while so I'm going to tell you all about it (from what I can remember). Excellent auto-biography. Even though Ace had someone write the actual book for him, his sense of humour just shines through on each and every page in this book. As a fan of the band Kiss (and Ace's solo material), I was not disappointed- It was incredibly refreshing to read about Kiss, in particular, from a point of view that didn't belong to the band's egocentric, dominant half, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

It was a bit short, but no more so than most rock 'n' roll memoirs (certainly the ones I've read), and I'm surprised that Ace could remember this much, what with his well-documented problems with alcohol and drugs. Definitely one for existing fans of Kiss and Ace, I doubt you'd get much out of it if you weren't a fan of Ace's work, but for huge fans such as myself, it is an enthralling read.
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