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Re: What are you playing right now?

Binding of Isaac
intro was nice but the gameplay seems awkward in every situation. I usually like twin stick shooters and basically it is one, although using wasd and arrow keys but it feels unnecessarily limiting to be restricted in that way all the time.
It is a short game and i tried several times but i was not able to finish it at least once, and i doubt i'll ever do.
Probably will watch the endings on youtube.

The idea of "edging" would be fun but it's not really carried out well.
It doesn't feel intuitive even after some hours. Maybe because it isn't needed very often. Like if in Mirrors Edge you would only occasionally do parkour running. sort of ignoring its own idea.

Portal 2
I like it, really, and i am not exactly disappointed but after the pleasant experience Portal 1 delivered it's just not the same fun.

Pilotwings Resort
The usual Nintendo recycling.
3D adds nothing.
So here it is even more recycling without doing pretty much anything new.
Probably won't finish it since i sort of already have before- twice.

Burn the rope
Like it with each level more.
Consider this my mobile GOTY 2011.
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