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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The retro music was fine but the rest underwhelming.
Pretty short game with terrible controls. I have yet to check it on another computer but movement felt gruesomely laggy, while jumping i.e. flipping worked fine.
It has some interesting level passages but overall it's lacking content. Super Meat Boy gave pretty much the same amount of fun just with its 5 superhard free xmas levels. So buying vvvvvv was a waste of (little) money and time i'd better spent with better games.

The difficulty seems super hard at beginning but with practice comes success to some extent. Still i'm pretty undecided if luck is a too big factor since at the Extreme or Hell difficulties i most of the time lose within 40 sec and occasionally survive 2 or 3 minutes. While it should and definitely is possible to win within the same time period. (local No. 1 ranking demands that and some people already did that)
And i'm already within Top20 worldwide in all its modes and have no idea what i can do better. That seems a little weird after 50+ hours. Would be a little late to finally reach a higher level of mastership when having "trained" already so long.
IQ-mode is my favorite part and this alone (kind of just a quarter of the game) is making it a brilliant game. Let's see if i can get myself up the throne in this mode. Just 100k points away and seems possible to do. Edit: done /e

Don't let the existing flash demo fool you into believing it is showing you Clickr. That's only a portion of another quarter and imo the part which shows the most that luck is present. A "bonus time" autoplay end which creates more points than you can possibly do yourself before no matter you do. Bad idea to make that part the demo of the game.

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