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Re: Farming Simulator 2011 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

First off, Canola is NOT the most profitable crop For the amount of canola you can harvest from the black field at the start of the game, you can get 80% more Barley, and this is all without fertilizing

Second, you can hook trailers to the backs of other trailers, but backing up two trailers to get a third trailer on is twice as hard as backing up a single trailer x)

Third, FERTILIZE. You'll get around twice as much crop if not more by fertilizing! I have not tested if fertilizing with provided spray is better than with manure yet so if someone wants to try that out. It might be the only difference is you don't have to pay for it, but who really cares about paying for spray, labor, gas, etc anyway? xD

Fourth, a very good one for beginners. You do not use the plow unless you want to create new field! If you want to prepare a field for seeding, use the Cultivator!

Fifth, if you see a bottle, pick it up! Next time you head by a crop drop that has a turtleshell-like recycling bin, just hop out while your grain pours and walk up to it, bottles you have already collected will be put in automatically and will give you 'Reputation'. Reputation gets you better prices at the shops

Sixth, you can tab out while you don't have anything to do like when waiting for crops to grow or workers to process fields The game will go on like you're still lookin at it. I'm writing this while playing right now! Going back every few minutes to empty my combines as they work x3

I suppose that's it :3
Happy Farming!!!
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