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Re: 2011 Community GOTY

Going by the podcast categories:

Best New Franchise:

Nail in the Coffin: Zelda: Skyward Sword - Not that bad, but it is time to reinvent Zelda.

Indy GOTY:

Worst Story: Battlefield 3 - Zzzzzz

Best Story: Uncharted 3 - Love the characters and paced well

Too Human Award for Inexplicable Excellence:

The Internet is Wrong Award: Skyrim - Good, but not great

Worst Part of an Otherwise Fabulous Game: Deus Ex's ending

Non-2011 Game of the Year: Uncharted 2

Biggest Disappointment: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Liked it a lot, but felt like it could have been more. Battlefield 3 is another one.

WTF Moment of the Year: 3DS

Made-Up Category: Best Art Direction: Rayman Origins

Made-Up Category: Best Song About Goonies II:

Worst Game of the Year:

Game of the Year: 3)(tie)Dark Souls, Yakuza 4 2) Uncharted 3 1) Radiant Historia

I'll finish filling it out later today. Have to think about it.

Back catalog of games that I own and need to play:

Dead Island
Trails in the Sky
Ghost Trick
Batman Arkham City
Portal 2
Dragon Age 2 - I need to try it before I judge it. The internet may be wrong... maybe

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