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Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Some people may get stuck on getting Snow resorts secret path! The place is also the underground world!
Firstly start from the peak then take the left down. When you reach the cosmos area stay to the left and keep left until you have two paths, one on the right but dont follow the snowboarders and skiers who take the right! Take the left and you will see a small opening and your inside the crystal world! Then the next path are stalagbites sticking out! After that you see a bridge and two paths
1. If you take the bridge, you'll be zoomed back outside
2. Take the two paths and you'll see a place with fungis and keep going till you reach the crater. And there you are! There're two photo spots
The photo spot ipat daytime will be located at the crystal cave.
The photo spot at night will be located at the Crater
And also there's a bungee spot too! Starting at Monsters Mouth! Hope it helps.
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