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Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Originally Posted by captain456 View Post
Other Pathfinder Locations:

City Resort: Directly below the three UFO-shaped buildings should be a dip in the ground that leads into a building. This building will have lit-up floor panels that turn different colors and make musical noises when you walk over them. This gets you the pathfinder award.

Snow Resort: This one is very tricky, just like the marine resort. One slope on the left side of the mountain (If you're starting from the top. It's the right side on the mini-map) has a name that has something to do with space and is right after you pass the observatory. It will have numerous elevated rock platforms that you can jump from and earn an achievement. However, completely ignore those platforms and stick to the ground on the left side. You'll be passing under numerous arches due to the rock platforms, but always stick to the left side wall! Eventually, the path will split into the main slope and a small side path on the left. Take the left path and it will get very narrow, but you'll end up in a cave. This cave is similar to Bigfoot Canyon from the past two games in the series. It will have a photo shoot, a treasure chest, and a bungee jump activity.

Mountain Resort: Go to Shanghar Castle in the lake and follow the path towards the back end. You'll pass the path to the docks and a another path back around towards the front of the castle. Just after you pass the second path, turn to the right. You may notice a number of platforms that scale the wall of the castle. Jump from one platform to the next and you'll end up on the stone roof, then onto the red shingle roof. From the red shingle roof you should see a tower with a treasure chest on it and a platform on the structure NEXT to the tower. Jump onto that platform (If you miss you'll have to restart the castle climbing) and then onto the platform that circles around the tower. Making it to the top will earn you the pathfinder award and a treasure chest!
Capatin Can u somehow post a picture of the pathfinder in marine resort?
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