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Re: 2011 Community GOTY

I'm also re-ordering mine slightly:

1. Dark Souls
2. Madden 12
3. Skyrim

Worst Game
Skyward Sword.

I've switched Madden and Skyrim. I still like Skyrim, and the 50 hours I've spent so far have given me a lot of pleasure.

However, if we're looking at the games I've enjoyed most, Madden challenges for the #1 spot. I know it's just the same thing regurgitated each year, with minor changes, but I find sports games to be among the most impressive from a technical standpoint (with the exception of golf). The AI programming alone - to make a bunch of sprites behave like an actual football/hockey/baseball team is something that is amazing to me.

And Madden is as deep and strategic as you want it to be. It's great.

Believe it or not, I'm not trolling when I name Skyward Sword my worst game. I spent 5 and a half hours on it, during which time absolutely nothing noteworthy happened. Fiddly controls, horrible mechanics (flying, for example), sitting through hours of idiotic text scrolling across the screen. Terrible. It's a travesty of a game.

I gave it away to my 7- and 9-year old nieces, and they're enjoying it. I'm afraid their dad will murder me though, as he's already had to sit through the opening hours twice, once with each child.
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