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Re: Skyward Sword - Perfect?

I've written a review of Skyward Sword, so I don't want to dwell too much on my own thoughts lest this post turn into a 1,600 essay, but here's my quick thoughts.

The motion controls actually elevate the game in a way that traditional controls can't, though I'm mostly talking about the swordplay here. Flying, swimming, bomb rolling (in particular...), and most other functions are only using motion controls for the sake of it. Sword-play, however, actually uses them to do more than merely replace traditional controls.

Some of the bosses were fantastic, hard-fought fights because they demanded skilful use of the controls. I found any fight where it was down to my sword-play vs. their sword-play very, very intense in a way traditional controls wouldn't really allow. I was sat down, using small wrist movements, and it still felt like I was the one doing the fighting.

I know a lot of people have had awful experiences with the controls. Apart from the odd niggling trouble (again, bomb rolling...) I found them fine. Perhaps it's worth pointing out that pressing down on the d-pad instantly recalibrates the motion plus when you're aiming. I know the Gamespot reviewer seemed to have completely ignored that fact, which I presume led to his complaints about the control.

I was also initially put off by the drawn in scope of Skyward Sword. Just three explorative areas? I was disappointed. However I think Nintendo did an excellent job of mixing things up. Skyward Sword is an incredibly concise Zelda.

Was it perfect? No, but you should never construe a 10/10 review as saying the game is perfect. It merely means the game carries the reviewers highest recommendations. Overall I have to say I was very pleased with Skyward Sword despite my initial misgivings about the controls.

Skyward Sword certainly has

Also, I disagree with complaints about voice acting. Zelda games have always, to me, been like childhood fairy-tales that you play and I think voice acting would have taken away from that a little.

...this was longer than I had intended. Also, hello there Game Critics - this is my first post.
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