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Re: Zippy's writing project.

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Ha ha, not bad Zippy! Not sure what 'learning disabled' means, but you sure have a great vocabulary.

It's pretty breathless (not a bad thing) and is an entertaining read. At the same time, it probably needs a bit more structure and focus to make it more accessible. It's quite fun though. Hopefully you're enjoying working on this project.

..this made me smile

Thanks so much its always good to hear its not that bad, just needs professional help LOL.

THo chapter 1 is probably much better as it had a a couple years to gain some edits and content. I am always trying to keep some wordy humor about, the structure goes to grammar of which I am well aware of is off. I can always get a pro editor to boil it down and restructure it. I am more worried at this time just trying to write it it out and work on the over all structure and flow as a 2ndary concern.

I keep wanting to compare it to Pirates of the Carrbein in space minus the Pirates, but the first book really dose not bring in any sci fi elements its much more fantasy based, the next few books he's(the Emissary) in space.
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