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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Couldn't help noticing the game got increasingly saturated by this overblown, cloying, operatic silliness by the end. Must games touch on the nerve of current politics? I never beat Deus Ex, I did play Invisible War through a few times, and that game definitely had some warmth and humor that's really lacking in HR.

Also I thought the skill trees seemed to come in 3 flavors... Metal Gear, Rainbow Six, or Deus Ex.

I suppose the stealth options may have been more fun if I wanted to go and take 30 hours to play through tactically taking down each guy, but - that's not why you play a Deus Ex game, you play a Deus Ex game to get buried in a pile of conspiracy theory references... which were again, sadly lacking, here.

Not a bad game, but goddammit! SquareEnix! WTF! I mean, Fuck off, already. Before you ruin another franchise, just fuck off.

And enough with the giant collars on the bad guys like it's a high school play of Dracula. FOR Fuck sake, enough!!
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