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Re: Last movie impressions

This is england
American History X has the more impressive visuals but i don't really like how it ended with harmony, and the refined villain but old friendships leading to its bitter end ... This seems to be more genuine.

Four Christmases
Was often funny but could have been better.

Public Enemies
Did not really like it. Felt like it barely scratched the surface of his character and especially in the portrayal of his time.
American Gangster was for me the better version of a similar story.

Touch of Evil
Almost funny with all its overacting and want to be complex story.
Why did they not just give her real drugs? Completely illogical in one of the main plot points.

Bobby Fischer Against the World
awesome documentary!
I do like but i'm certainly no big fan of Ray or Walk the line and similar movies since they seem to always fail in giving a broader context to their respective time and position in their area.

I think Matrix 3 and more so 2 are the better movies when rewatching is considered. Still this is number 2 on my overall top list.

10 Rillington Place
A 70s movie were the acting is not weird. Applause.
Great movie.

Blue velvet
Did not like it as much as i do his other movies. Felt a little clumsy, almost uncertain if his later works should not already start here but haven't.

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Actually entertaining but really generic.

What a crapload of nonsense.
I guess enjoyable for people who like trash movies.

Pretty interesting tale about respect, beauty, money and love.

Romeo must die
Was way better some years ago. Could hardly keep my attention while watching.

Home Alone
Never gets old

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Some or many movies never should get sequels.

Superman returns
The actually more interesting part of Superman is Clark Kent and he got only proper space in Smallville or Lois & Clark.
The effects were cool though.

Species 2
I did not like Doomsday but i like Species. Nasty alien sex. woohoo.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
gets old

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
Shallow from start to finish. Disappointing.
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