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Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

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Hi, John
Rea, I have great news for you and everyone else! I am (most likely) getting the Mario Kart 7 tomorrow. I can't wait to race you (if I can...Still shaky about my Internet) Now, for even greater news! I know you specifically have been excited to find out when Nintendo Letter Box is coming out and I am proud to say it's coming out this Thursday, December 22nd (for Europe at least, most likely in US too)! My first Letter Box message will show a picture of Choclate and my cats (Nintendogs) in Santa outfits and my handwriting of Merry Christmas if you really care!
Яέαααα οναααα неаааа!
My letterbox message will most likely be a screenshot from pilotwings resort with Merry Christmas in my handwriting on top. Lmaaoo Sorry John I took part of your idea..x

Btw MK7, you dont need to worry about nintendo wifi. My friend told me it just needs internet (Like in the friend list). Unless your nearby you can do local.

Mishh yu
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