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Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

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Яеа оναα нееааа!

So sorry i havnt posted! Been really buzy. Big homework assignments, some partnered (Eughh). The Tea Dance for the Yr6's(Me). School Trips. Christmas Plays. Drama class(Wycombe Swan in January & March). Christmas Carol concert(Yr6 & Yr3). Ect. Ect.
Enough with me yammering on about what Ive been doing. Im getting Mario Kart 7 for Xmas. Johnnn, or someone!! Please get it, I wanna race head-to-head with you ;D

What have you lot been getting up to?

Mishh Yuu
Яεα χχ
Hi, John
Rea, I have great news for you and everyone else! I am (most likely) getting the Mario Kart 7 tomorrow. I can't wait to race you (if I can...Still shaky about my Internet) Now, for even greater news! I know you specifically have been excited to find out when Nintendo Letter Box is coming out and I am proud to say it's coming out this Thursday, December 22nd (for Europe at least, most likely in US too)! My first Letter Box message will show a picture of Choclate and my cats (Nintendogs) in Santa outfits and my handwriting of Merry Christmas if you really care!
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