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Re: So, who is going to go Star Wars: The Old Republic?

So I've been playing early access now for 2 days. Decided not to go for Jedi Sentinel or Republic Trooper after all but instead I made an Imperial Agent Sniper. I'm still absolutly loving it. This is really a solid game, and finally a game that really feels solid enough to uninstall WoW from my computer for once and for all.

There are literally tons of things I like about this game, but here is just one example of something i really adore.

In WoW and rift, once you hit lvl 10 you can play Battlegrounds. However, until your about lvl 17/18 your just being crushed by the high levels. So once you hit that lvl where you can finally play PvP the first rounds are completely boring as you just serve as cannon fodder, and your forced to go back to levelling and come back later. Of course once you've passed lvl 19 and hit 20, your once again the lowest in your level and your back to square 1.

In Swtor, your lvl 10 character automatically gets "bolstered" to the level of the highest level character. While you might not have as many skills, you often already have some of the most important basic skills, and because your health and dps is on par with the highest level, the experience is immediatly fun and you can start kicking ass from the get go. Its amazing to see my lvl 10 Sniper outskill, outfight and totally own a lvl 25 jedi (the warzones select characters from higher level ranges if they aren't full, another advantage because it keeps queue time low).

This makes levelling in PvP immensely more enjoyable. Also enjoyable is the simple fact that the three warzones present are amazing, i'm loving all 3 of them, even huttball which is actually the most entertaining and original battleground in any game (a combination between american football and warsong gulch type battleground).
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