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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Just beat Saints Row 3.
And its my favorite game of the year.

The only real thing I think it is missing: is some sort of real interaction with the buildings.

It suffers from the same old GTA problem. The buildings are simply giant rectangles that you drive around, and nothing more.

While I do love this game (much more than SR2) I think they really need to make the environment interactive. Like Just Cause, The Saboteur, Red Faction Gurilla, Assassins Creed, Spiderman 2, the hulk, infamous, prototype, ect...

I want to blow up the buildings, or climb them, or go inside them, ... something... anything.

Im really tired of these city based games, where the environment is nothing more than several big non-interactive rectangles painted to look like buildings.

But like I said, I like this game. Its a big technical leap forward, from SR2. The mini-games have much more polish, and everything looks much better.
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