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Re: The Witcher 2

Originally Posted by Mike Doolittle View Post
Well, you did clearly explain that the difficulty spike was a big source of frustration for you, and that's what I was responding to.
Then you misunderstood me, my main source of frustration comes from what I wrote in the last paragraph. Hence the:
Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
But the worst part (for me, at least) was yet to come.
And regarding difficulty I also wrote...
Afterwards I launched Deus Ex again on Deus Ex difficulty without crosshairs or object highlighting. A much better game.
...where it is to note that Deus Ex difficulty is the highest and both crosshairs and object highlighting disabled make the game a bit more difficult still

No, difficulty isn't what stops me from playing stuff (especially since I beat the boss on easy anyway, as explained in the posting). The difficulty spike was just an annoyment. But what I can't stand is when there is a huge disconnect between what happens during gameplay and what happens in cutscenes/scripted events. In this specific fight it would have been perfectly fine with me if the cutscene with me loosing would have come when I actually lost against that dude. But when I finally beat him after I can't remember how many attempts just to see the cutscene... no, that is just botched scripting in my opinion. Or was it really important for the story if he looses 5, 20 or 50% of his health before the cutscene plays?

In case of Witcher 2 it was the compilation of all those little annoying things to one big pile of anger. Today I was contemplating continuing Witcher 2, but I decided to continue my NG+ in Dark Souls instead.
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