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Re: 2011 Community GOTY

games i played 2011.

Super Meat Boy - Dark World

Runners Up
The Cat and the Coup (free! and just ~15 min long! try it!) <- this is my GOTY if it has to be a 2011 release
Everyday Genius: Squarelogic
Beat Hazard Ultra
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Best story: Limbo

Best atmosphere: Demons Souls

Best gaming environment: Brütal Legend

[strike]Most disappointing[/strike] worst story: Tidalis
Runner Up: Quantum of Solace

Best ending: Limbo

Worst ending: God of War 2

Funniest game: Brütal Legend
Runner Up: RUSH, Clickr, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

Most aggravating bossfights: Demons Souls

Most disappointing bossfights: Demons Souls (especially Dragon God)

Best multiplayer, co-op: Dead Nation

Least playable at launch: Blood & Glory

Best (free) DLCs: the potato DLCs on Steam for some games when portal2 launched

Most annoying DRM: Relic online saying my key is used by someone else and lock the game from my account
(although i have to say service sent me another key really fast)

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game everyone seems to hate but which I enjoyed quite a lot: Brütal Legend
no literal "hate" but people were more disappointed than it deserved.

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game everyone seems to love but which I didn't get along with: Braid

Most angry words shouted at TV due to difficulty: vvvvvv
God of War 2 challenge mode
Super Meat Boy - The Kid
Demons Souls - Old King Allant (NG++) Maneater & Giant Depraved Ones (always) Flamelurker, Armor Spider & Tower Knight (@0) Old Monk (online)

Least interactive game:Bit Trip Beat

Biggest disappointment: Heavy Rain
Runner up: Demons Souls

(presumably) First game of 2011 I'll buy in 2012: Batman Arkham City (depends on SP DLCs...)
Runners up: Deus Ex GOTY/Complete

Pleasant surprises: the puzzle genre and The Cat and the Coup

Unpleasant surprises: Braid, Bit Trip Beat, Demons Souls

Worst game: Bit Trip Beat

Best so-so game: Blood Stone

Best game i hated: Demons Souls

Worst main character: Kratos (GoW1)

Best main character: Eddie Riggs

Worst characters in a supporting role: all the villains in Blood Stone

Best characters in a supporting role: the Glam Rockers in Brütal Legend

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